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Piezo Assist Stage

Drawings and dimension (Units: mm)


 MTPA 2251SRPA lg


Table Size 25x25mm
Course Drive Travel ±3mm
Fine Drive Travel >25μm
Micrometer position Side
Movement per Rotation 0.5mm
Micrometer Readable Resolution 0.01mm
Fine movement minimum resolution <20nm
Guide Ball Bearing guide
Primary material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodize
Load capacity 39.2N (4.0kgf)
Travel accuracy/Straightness 3μm
Max. Moment Capacity/Pitch 2.0 N·m
Max. Moment Capacity/Roll 1.9 N·m
Max. Moment Capacity/Yaw 1.9 N·m
Moment Stiffness/Pitch 2.5"/N·cm
Moment Stiffness/Roll 2.0"/N·cm
Parallelism 30μm
Running Parallelism 10μm
Mass weight 0.07kg


  • Please handle the micrometer bracket with caution during the setup of the stage. If any shock occurred, the Piezo Assist mechanism may be damaged.
  • When the power of the Piezo Assist controller is being switched OFF, there will be changes on the position adjustment of Piezo Assist, causing fine adjustment position alignment changes.
  • Please make sure to lock the stage when moving/carrying the Piezo Assist Stage. Moving/Carrying the Piezo Assist stage may cause damage to the Piezo Assist mechanism.

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