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MTDD Series - Magnified Piezoelectric Actuators

MTDD16S750F90 LG

The MechaTrans®DD-Series is a compact piezoelectric actuators that can generate large output strokes, which is 10 times and above larger than the stroke of a multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuator. The MechaTrans®DD-Series consists of a stroke magnification / amplification structure and multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuators. With the stroke magnification structure, the stroke is magnified to overcome the limitation of the multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuator. The MechaTrans®DD-Series is designed flat and compact in size, therefore the efficiency of the space utilization is high. The output stroke is converted to 90 degree in direction compare to the original output stroke of the multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuator. When a voltage is applied to the MechaTrans®DD-Series, it elongates as shown below.

Features of the MechaTrans DD-Series

  • large output stroke
  • Flat and compact.
  • Output stroke of the piezoelectric actuators is converted to 90 degrees in direction.
  • The MechaTrans®DD-Series elongates as Fig. 2 when a voltage applied.
  • Output stroke direction is opposite to the MechaTrans®D-Series

Applications include:

Nanopositioning, Biomedical, Microscopy, Precision machining, Vibration control, High-speed valves, and Optics.

Standard Actuators

Product Mod






ForceStiff.Res FreqCap3D Model
MTDD03S50F3 15x3x5 50 3 0.06 1500 0.030 Download
MTDD06S100F10 20x6x7 100 10 0.10 700 0.2  
MTDD06S100F11 20x6x7 100 11 0.11 900 0.36  
MTDD06S330F7 22x6x7.8 330 7 0.02 400 0.86  
MTDD08S180F32 28x8x8 180 32 0.18 900 0.9  
MTDD08S300F16 26x8x7 300 16 0.053 460 0.7  
MTDD08S350F18 26x8x8 350 18 0.051 500 0.8  
MTDD12S90F5 22x12x5.12 90 5 0.06 700 0.36  
MTDD16S750F90 52x16x14 750 90 0.12 230 8.0  
MTDD16S830F80 52x16x14 830 80 0.10 230 11.8  
MTDD16S860F64 52x16x14 860 64 0.07 195 11.7  

Quality / Testing

Each actuator is individually tested for displacement range, blocking force, and resonance frequency.

Illustration of operation


Mounting of actuators

The MTDD actuators can be mounted in a free-free or fixed-free configuration using the threaded mounting holes. When a voltage is applied, a proportional expansion is developed in the vertical direction, as illustrated below.

MTDD_FreeFree       MTDD_FixedFree

Tension Force

The maximum tensile force generated by the actuator is approximately 10% of the compressive or blocking force.

Displacement Range

The displacement range is specified for an applied voltage of -20V to +150V. The displacement listed in the charts is the nominal displacement @ 150V. If the input voltage is unipolar (0V to +150V) the specified range is reduced by a factor of 0.9.

Electrical Current Requirements

The required current is I=C dV/dt where I is the current, C is the effective capacitance, and dV/dt is the voltage rate of change. For a sine-wave, the required peak current is equal to:


where Vp-p is the peak-to-peak voltage. For a triangle wave, the required peak current is equal to:


I piezo = 2Cf Vp-p


Custom dimensions and travel ranges can be produced. Please contact us for details.

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