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NAC2024 (Replaces CMAP10)

Noliac Plate Actuators

NAC2024 is one of Noliac's plate actuators, which are typically used when a low displacement at high force is required. Noliac's plate actuators are cofired monolithic piezoelectric low voltage actuators that convert an electrical input to a very high-resolution linear movement at high force.

Noliac's plate actuators are manufactured with ceramic layer thickness down to 20µm as standard in order to allow very low operating voltage for full performance of the piezo material. Noliac's plate actuators are mostly made to customer specifications, but a wide range of parts is available from stock as well.

pdf-icon_smNAC2024 Data Sheet

Product facts:

NAC2024 ValueTolerance
Length/outer diameter 3 mm ± 0.10 mm
Width/inner diameter 3 mm ± 0.10 mm
Height 2 mm ± 0.05 mm
Operating voltage 200 V
Free stroke 1.9 µm ± 15%
Blocking force 290 N ± 20%
Capacitance 25 nF ± 15%
Stiffness 161 N/µm ± 20%
Maximum operating temperature 200 °C
Curie temperature 350 °C
Material NCE46
Unloaded resonance frequency > 500 kHz
External electrodes Screen-printed Ag
Wires Optional

Typical outline:

The figure below shows the typical outline of NAC Plate Actuators.


L Length excluding external electrodes mm
W Width mm
H Height mm
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