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Custom products

Noliac Technology

Noliac can, based on the piezo technology and flexible manufacturing processes, design a broad range of components with various sizes and shapes to be implemented in your application.

Due to long experience in design, manufacturing and testing customised solutions, Noliac is now considered to be the world market leader in providing highly customized piezo solutions.

It is of great importance that our customers get the best possible solution technically as well as economically. Understanding the requirements and needs of our customers is very important to Noliac as this is the only way we can be a professional and trustworthy partner.

Noliac can translate your application specific set of features into the best and optimal component solution, which offers exactly the performance your application demands - based on minimized components and at the lowest possible cost.

When designing optimal components, Noliac consider areas as:

  • Choice of shape and geometric dimensions
  • Matching performance requirements
  • Choice of material, e.g. high temperature, high stroke and/or low loss applications
  • Choice of piezo type
  • Configuration of internal electrodes
  • Integration of sensor layers
  • Optimization of external electrodes, electrical connections and leads
  • Surrounding mechanics, e.g. preloaded stacks, special end caps etc.

In addition to Noliac's own capabilities and facilities, we have over the years established a very broad network within universities, research institutions, suppliers and customers with competencies in piezoelectric technology.

Noliac offers R and D experience, facilities and network to clients requiring new products or piezo based applications not commercially available in the market. Based on our know-how and network we can work highly focused on developing the required solution in the shortest possible time frame and at minimal cost.

Further, as Noliac is a commercial company, all involved employees are totally aware of the importance of confidentiality of our clients IP and technology. An NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) must in any case be signed between the client and Noliac. Throughout the project an engineer from Noliac will be appointed as your point of contact.