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W-113A Multifrequency generation for even distribution of ultrasonic energy.

Desktop-type Ultrasonic Cleaner

113a lg


  • Multi-frequency generation. Multiple oscillation eliminates the uneven cleaning particle patterns generated by standing waves.
  • Three frequencies. The 28 kHz frequency is suitable for removal of hard to remove contaminants. The 45 kHz frequency allows for cleaning smaller particles and contaminants. The 100 kHz allows for more delicate cleaning. By alternating the application of these frequencies a more even cleaning is possible. Duration of vibration at each of the three frequencies can be set independently. Single-frequency cleaning can also be selected at any of the three frequencies: 28 kHz, 45 kHz and 100 kHz. Thus, the best cleaning time for the object to be cleaned can be selected.
  • Splash-proof membrane. Splash-proof membrane keypad allows trouble-free operation and easy selection of the cleaning mode and setting of the cleaning time
  • Simple operation. Cleaning operation can be programmed simply. The program is stored in memory after the machine is shut down, for repeated use.
  • Power cable with a recess-fitting plug and a drain port make it easy to move the unit and change the liquid.


Model Code


Oscillation Mode Single frequency oscillation / 3 frequency sequential change oscillation
Maximum Output Power 100W
Oscillation Frequency 28kHz / 45kHz / 100kHz
Transducer Special bolt clamped Langevin transducer
Power supply

AC 100V 50/60Hz; 2A

(Requires 120V/100V adapter for USA operation)

Power consumption 200VA

Total cleaning time: From 1 to 30 min.

Preset duration of each frequency for multiple oscillation: From 1 to 99 sec. (Independently set for each frequency)

Inner tank dimensions (mm)

L=240 x W=140 x H=100 (3L)

Outer tank dimensions (mm) L=290 x W=208 x H=245
Weight (kg) 4.4
Power Cable 2m (inlet type connector adoption)
Operation Switch Cleaning mode selection key (navigational panel)
Max. liquid temperature 80oC
Drain Inner diameter: 6A; Outer diameter: 8A
Material of tank

Tank: SUS304

Case: Polypropylene (PP)

Packing: Silicon rubber

Drain: Liquid contact portion: Nylon

Valve: Brass

Addition Protection circuit: Thermostat
Included Accessories Lid

Optional Parts for W-113SANPA

Part Number




Cleaning Basket for W-113A

Beaker Rack for W-113A

Correspondence model





Size (mm)

L=175 x W=93 x H=50

245 x 146 2 holes of D=90.5



Polypropylene (PP)


How to order

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W-113SANPA Price List


Part Number



W-113A Cleaner Device



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KG03F Cleaner Basket for W-113A



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BR01 Beaker Rack for W-113A



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VT-500J Converter for USA operation - Recommended for USA outlet

The W-113A ultrasonic cleaner is rated at 100VAC, which is the Japanese outlet voltage. The unit can operate at 100VAC +/-10%. For operation in the USA , i.e. 110 to 120VAC, we recommend using the VT-500J converter.

Part NumberArticle DescriptionUnits
per case


USA to Japan Step-Down Converter

Input: 110V/120V
Output: 100V/120V
Rated Load: 500VA max.
(including start-up current)
Heavy duty for continuous use
Fuse protected
Size (inches): 6 x 4 x 3
Weight: 8 lbs

1 unit


$ 95.00

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