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W-357 Series Ultrasonic Pulse Jet Cleaners

Pulse Jet Cleaner

Pulse Jet Med


  • Applying ultrasonic pressure to the water stream from the nozzle creates particle acceleration in the water and the water particle motion removes submicron contamination on the objective works.
  • Fresh DI water supply avoids re-contamination within the cleaning media.
  • Suitable for single wafer processing system.
  • High frequency ultrasound (megasonic) is effective for fine particle contamination.
  • Output power control can adjust the power and suitable for delicate object like magnetic head.

Frequency Options


W-357-P50: Combination with high power transducer for high power application

P 50 Med2

  • Larger cleaning area than other or traditional models.
  • Lower frequency(400kHz) and high output power enables strong cleaning power.
  • P.P material is used for the horn and avoids to generate metal ion.


  • Cleaning after mirror polishing or before vapor deposition of GaAs wafer
  • Cleaning of HDD media or Si wafers
  • Cleaning for CMP post process


Oscillation Mode Single Frequency Oscillation
Rated Output 100W
Oscillation Frequency 400kHz
Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz/300VA
Output Setting Range 0 to 100%
Operating Conditions Temp - 5 to 40C, Humidity - 10 to 85%
Generator Dim. (mm) 232W x 340D x 138H (including rubber feet)
Generator Weight (kg) 6.0
Alarm Output (Photocoupler rating) 24VDC, 20mA or less
Power supply cable length 100V/2m or 200V/3m
Protection circuit Dry operations prevention cable, alarm output cable of 5m length
Nozzle Dim. (mm) 60 Dia x 135 mm
Nozzle Weight (g) 700
Water Intake Specified tube (Outer dia. 13mm)
Flow Rate 4L/min
Control cable length 5m x 4
Range of Liquid Temp. 20 - 50C
Transducer Nozzle Dia 8.0mm
Nozzle Polypropylene
Gasket Silicon Rubber
Transducer PZT
Vibration Plate Tantalum

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