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CEDRAT Piezoelectric Actuators & Electronic Devices

CEDRAT Piezoelectric Technologies


Micromechatronics, Inc. distributes CEDRAT piezoelectric technology. CEDRAT offers a wide range of standard piezoelectric actuators having the following outstanding characteristics: high force and large displacement in compact sizes, high resolution within the nanometer range, very short response time below 1 ms, life time greater than 10^10 cycles, low voltage supply below 150V DC, no backlash and no play, low power consumption when static, severe environment compatibility (vacuum, cryogenic, high temp,...).

Cedrat Actuators and Drivers

In order to meet varying customer actuation specifications, the CEDRAT Group has developed 3 different families of standard piezoelectric actuators with their corresponding drivers and controllers:

Have been designed in order to offer the largest possible stroke while keeping a reasonable size and a long lifetime. APA® is a registered trademark by Cedrat.

Use expansion of the active material, in 33-mode, for producing a useful displacement.  Since pre-stress level is better controlled, they display an improved performance behavior than  Direct Prestress Actuators, and can be operated at resonance.  The displacement is directly proportional to the voltage.

Long stroke piezo actuators capable to reach >10 mm with resolution <1nm.

Starting with standard piezo actuators, several mechanisms have been designed to assist in controlling several degrees of freedom.

Amplifiers and controller systems specially designed to drive CEDRAT piezoelectric technology.