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ATILA Packages

ATILA Finite Element Software

ATILA is available in seven different packages as well as a customized A LA Carte packages. The following packages are the most popular. The prices are for a one year licensing agreement. Unlimited term leases are also available.


Every ATILA configuration includes at least one module in four categories referred to as:

  • Environment: Standard
  • Materials: Elastic, Piezoelectric, Composite, Magnetic, Magnetostrictive, Fluid, Radiating
  • Solvers: Static, Modal, Harmonic, Transient, Periodic, EQI
  • Pre-Post Processor: GiD



Several ATILA standard packages are offered combining the different modules to meet the typical applications:

ATILA University Package

It is aimed at all educational institutions, and includes all the ATILA modules and applications (except EQI).

  • The mesh number is just slightly limited compared to Complete Package.
  • Package with special Academic Discounts for educational institutions.

ATILA Piezo Basic Package

Includes the standard environment, elastic and piezoelectric materials, as well as the static solver.  This package is appropriate for modelling actuators and sensors when dynamic effects are of no interest to the user.

  • Only for static calculation!!
  • Applicable to Piezoelectric off-resonance actuators and sensors

ATILA Piezo Vibration

Consists of the standard, elastic and piezoelectric materials, as well as the static, harmonic, and modal solvers.  This configuration is ideal for analyzing piezoelectric transducers in the frequency domain.  This package assists in understanding the behavior of a wide variety of piezoelectric actuators.  You can determine the normal frequencies and modes of a transducer.  You can also calculate the effective electromechanical coupling coefficient of that transducer, determine stresses and strains, obtain complex electrical impedance information, extract the components of the equivalent circuit representation, and much more.

  • Piezoelectric resonance transducers, ultrasonic motors, piezoelectric transformers.
  • Not for transient response!!

ATILA Piezo Transduction Package

It is an extension of the Piezo Vibrations package.  It is suitable for more detailed studies of the transient (time domain) behavior of piezoelectric structures.  It includes the ATILA standard environment, elastic and piezoelectric materials, as well as the static, harmonic, modal, and transiet solvers.  This will provide three integration algorithms to predict and simulate the dynamic behavior of actuators and sensors.

  • Similar to Piezo Vibration Package and also includes Magnetostrive material module, Fluid module, and Transient Solver Module.
  • Suitable for transient analysis of actuators, design of acoustic transducers, MEMs.

ATILA Sonar Package

It is recommended for laboratories that develop sonars and others acoustic transducers.  The package includes the ATILA environment, elastic, composite, piezoelectric, magnetostrictive, magnetic, fluid and radiating elements, as well as the static, harmonic, and modal solvers.  It is well suited to the frequency domain analysis of piezoelectric, magnetostrictive, and hybrid sonar-type devices.

  • Acoustic (air and water) transducers.
  • MEMS damping from the air cavity.

ATILA Sonar Plus Package

It is an extension of the ATILA Sonars Package, with the difference that it enables FEM-BEM computations (i.e., analyses of transducers using a coupled finite element - boundary element method).  This package includes all the same modules as the Sonars package EQI.  With EQI, it is no longer necessary to mesh the fluid, domain with finite elements.  You have the option of meshing only the radiating or scattering surfaces.

  • With EQI software, meshing the fluid is not necessary!!

ATILA Complete Package

It contains all the capabilities of the ATILA software for modal, harmonic and transient analyses of piezoelectric and magnetostrictive structures.  The presence of the transient solver makes it possible to analyze acoustic and sonar transducers in the time-domain.

ATILA Complete version does NOT include Thermal nor EQI modules.

ATILA 1-Year Term License

Price List for 1-year Term License
ATILA Package List Price (USD) 2D+3D
ATILA University $2,395.00
Thermal Module for University $790.00
EQI Module for University $1,180
ATILA Piezo Basics $3,130.0
ATILA Piezo Vibrations $4,910.00
ATILA Piezo Transducers $7,550.00
ATILA Sonar $9,310.00
ATILA Sonars Plus $12,930.00
ATILA Complete $23,110.00

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GiD (one time fee): Consult us for a Quote on GiD.

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