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Piezo Assist Motor

Piezo Mechanisms

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What is PAM

  • Assist Motor is compact in size, and designed to have a high output force up to around 13N for PAM3-6.5 and around 29N for PAM6-13.
  • The output displacement is 6.5mm for PAM3-6.5 and 13mm for PAM6-13. The high displacement resolution is below 25nm~30nm while the travel velocity is above 1.5m/s.
  • The Piezo Assist Motor is designed user friendly for industrial, scientific research applications.
  • Applications include Microscope scanning, High resolution microscope, Biotechnology, Measurement technology, High speed throughput microscope, Mask/ Wafer positioning, Interferometer shape measurement and Micromanipulation.
  • Please use the designated Piezo Assist Motor Controller (PAMC-104)to drive the Piezo Assist Motor. A software and cable (2m) is attached to Piezo Assist Motor.

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