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ZO-91 Ultrasonic Cutter

Ultrasonic Cutters


 Blade Options and Accessories for Ultrasonic Cutters

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Generator Oscillation Mode Self-activating oscillation
Max. Power Output 30 W
Max. Power Consumption 40 W
Oscillation Frequency 40 kHz
Power Supply Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 80 VA
Output: DC 12V, 3.5A
Dimension W x D x H (mm) 173 x 89 x 76
Weight 0.26 kg
Cable length 1.4 m
Protection Instrument Thermal shutdown if instrument temperature is above 70oC.
Hand Piece Transducer type Bolt clamped Langevin transducer
Control Push button switch - Lock on
Dimensions (mm) D=32 x L=144
Weight 0.70 kg
Cable Length Output cable: 1.6 m (straight cord)


  • An Ultrasonic cutter using 40,000 vibrations per second with non-audible sound to assist in reducing the friction during the cutting process.
  • The ZO-91 is the latest version of Honda Electronics Ultrasonic Cutters and incorporates the following improvements:
    • Activation switch locks on to reduce operator fatigue - runtime when locked is 10 minutes.
    • Universal AC Adapter (100V to 240V) allows worldwide use, eliminates the need for a power converter.
    • TAF circuitry gives a power boost when activated for difficult to cut materials.
    • A mode switch provides a HIGH power option for difficult to cut materials with a runtime of approximately 5 minutes.
    • The ZO-91 is equiped with a thermal shutdown switch in the hand-piece that monitors the transducer temperature.
    • Thermal shutdown is indicated by the activation light blinking.
    • Vertical standing unit.
    • Redesigned controls to reduce the possibility of melting material during cutting of plastic.
    • Addition of several new blades to cover a larger variety of applications.
    • Most blades are interchangeable between the  ZO-91, USW334, and the USW335-Ti
    • The coiled cord to the hand piece has been replaced with a straight cord to reduce tension on the handpiece when working.


Ultrasonic cutting of plastic, rubber, foam, wood, cardboard, fabric, metal foils etc. Used for light production trimming and cutting, model building, radio control vehicle construction, doll making, model sailboat construction, and various hobby and craft work.

Examples of cutting capabilities (estimate):

  • Cardboard: less than 2mm
  • Resins (ABS, PET, PP and Acrylic): less than 3mm
  • Results may vary with the type of material. Please consult us in advance.
  • For hard materials or continuous operation consider the USW335-Ti Ultrasonic Cutter.
zh11_abs_sm zh14_acrylic_w250_sm zh03app_sm


ABS-Serrated Blade Acrylic-Thin Blade L-Shaped Blade 16° Blade
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How to order

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Standard ZO-91 Set w/40 standard replacement blades

Includes: i) Main ZO-91 Body with 1 blade; ii) AC Adapter ; iii) Replacement Standard Blades (40 blades); iv) Allen wrench (1 unit); v) Blade Fixture (1 unit); vi) Blade Fixing Screw (3 units); vii) Operating manual.


ZO-91 Purchasing Options

Part NumberArticle DescriptionPrice

Main ZO-91 Body with 1 blade
Replacement Standard Blades (40 blades)
Allen wrench (1 unit)
Blade Fixture (1 unit)
Blade Fixing Screw (3 units)
Operating manual

$ 525.00

Optional Parts for ZO-91

Part NumberArticle DescriptionQtyPrice
HA04 Standard Blade 40 units $ 20.00
HA07 Ultra Hard Carbide Blade 1 units $ 35.00
HA08 Square-shaped Blade 1 units $ 30.00
HA10 Round-edge Blade 1 units $ 25.00
ZH04 Blade Clamp 1 unit $ 20.00
ZH04S Blade Clamp/w screw and wrench 1 unit $ 25.00
HB03 Screw for mounting blade 1 unit $5.00
RR02 Allen wrench 1 unit $5.00
ZH03 L-Shaped Blade 1 unit $45.00
ZH05A 1mm Tip Blade 1 unit $32.00
ZH06 2mm Tip Blade 1 unit $20.00
ZH07 1mm Tip Welding Blade 1 unit $15.00
ZH08 2mm Tip Welding Blade 1 unit $15.00
ZH09 Round Tip Blade 1 unit $25.00
ZH10 25mm Long Blade 1 unit $25.00
ZH11 Saw Blade 1 unit $35.00
ZH12 Pointed Engraving Blade 1 unit $35.00
ZH14 0.15mm Thin Blade 5 units $30.00
ZH15S Blade Clamp/w screw and wrench for ZH14 Blade 1 unit $35.00

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