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GiD: A multisoftware integration platform

Thanks to the multidisciplinar philosophy present since the beginning of GiD, its connection with any in-house or commercial numerical simulation code is extremely easy. Also a deep integration involving connection, not only with solver codes, but also with CAD programs, external meshers or visualization tools, is possible.

The input and output formats can be customized, the different menus can be tailored to fit any specific needs, the analysis process can be started, monitored and completed from within GiD, just to mention some characteristics.

Once the integration is done, the end user can utilize all the GiD geometry creation and reparation, meshing and visualization tools in order to pre and postprocess the numerical simulations.


Basic integration level

The integration can be done for any user regardless of their programming knowledge. Only a couple of text files, using an easy keyword system, should be written describing the user's problem properties (conditions, materials, etc.) and GiD will automatically create the corresponding windows, allowing the end user to manage the data of the problem: assign or modify conditions, draw properties over model, etc. all in a user-friedly way.

Advanced integration level

Compass I.S. offers CompassLIB library within GiD. This library uses an XML tree and a Tcl file which accesses all the simulation data contained in the tree.

This method offers many more posibilities, including an appealing view of the managed data and a display of the problem and group data during preprocess, which can be created and edited in a graphical way.

CompassLIB is available in two licenses: academic (for non-commercial aplications) and professional. Please, for more details visit CompassLib web site.


Advanced Integration, with full control of look and behaviour of GiD is made possible by the use of Tcl/Tk scripting language. To facility the development, a debugging tool called RamDebugger is included in all GiD distributions, and can be downloaded at GiD Plus.

These advanced customization features, added to the possibility to work with GiD using batch file, makes GiD one of the most flexible tool in its field on the market today.

GiD as a generator of products

GiD can be understood as a perfect platform to integrate several softwares in a single numerical simulation environment, replacing all the pre and postprocessors related to each one of them. Once a software is connected to GiD, the combined software can be understood as a single product, packaged and commercialized together. The implementation cost is considerably reduced compared to full in-house software development, with an almost equivalent quality in terms of customization for both products.


Modules already developed

GiD has been already linked with a lot of numerical simulations packages thanks to the development of the respective customization modules, either by the GiD development team or by external companies. Some of them are listed below.

Commercial integrated software
RAM-SERIES Structural analysis and design
TDYN Computational fluid dynamics
STAMPACK Sheet stamping
VULCAN Casting process
ATILA Electromagnetics
SCIFEA Super-operator system

Research integrated software

IBER Hydraulic simulation
X-FINAS Structural analysis
CALSEF Structural analysis
CALTEP Heat transfer
EMANT Electromagnetics
MAT-FEM Educational FEM

Interfaces for third parties software are also available, such as LS-DYNA, PLAXIS, NASTRAN, ABAQUS or FLUENT.

More information can be found at GiD Plus section.

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