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What's GiD
GiD Plus


  • GiDpost: is a set of functions (library) for writing postprocess results for GiD in ASCII or binary format.

  • RamDebugger: is a graphical debugger for the scripting language Tcl-TK

  • RamTranslator: is an utility to scan the source code files of a program (usually GiD or a Problemtype), written in 'C' or 'Tcl/Tk' language.

  • GiD mode (Emacs template): is a lisp file for emacs which provides a new mode, so that the syntax of the template (.bas), conditions (.cnd), material (.mat), problem/interval data (.prb) and units (.uni) files of GiD problem types is highlighted.

  • PasServer: is a license server for GiD. The license server is the machine on the network that all of the other GiD client machines 'ask' if there is a license available for use.

  • Lognoter: is a software to handle information. This information is organized by pages, the objective is to make easier the storage and management of information and notes, thoughts and ideas, and to improve corporative collaboration.

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