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Ultrasonic Cutters

Ultrasonic Cutters

Micromechatronics, Inc. distributes HONDA Electronics ultrasonic technology including ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic cuttters, ultrasonic welding, atomizing, ultrasonic transducers and other ultrasonic based technology.


USW-334 Small Ultrasonic Cutter

NEW!!. Improved version of the previous USW-333 cutter.

New titanium horn oscillator, 20% higher vibration intensity and standard replacement blades. Please consult us for evaluation of the material you wish to cut. Also, we offer a USW-334 loaner unit for a small weekly fee for your own evaluation.

Price: $390.00


ZO-41 Ultrasonic Cutter

NEW!!. The ZO-41 is the newest in Honda's line of Ultrasonic Cutters.

This newest cutter incorporates the improvements of the ZO-40 with the addition of TAF circuitry and a  High power mode for difficult cutting jobs. A universal AC adapter eliminates the need for a power converter and a wide selection of optional blades is also available.

Price: $435.00


USW-335Ti Ultrasonic Cutter

High quality and professional cutting ability, provides a neat and clean finish at 22,000 cycles per second. The main housing and attachment may be neatly stored in an aluminum case which also provides a handy foot switch allowing the operator to turn the unit on or off as needed. 

$1,300.00.- (100V rated)
$1,525.00.- (110V rated) 
$1,525.00.- (220V rated)


USW-334ek Ultrasonic Engraving Cutter

NEW!!. USW334 developed specifically for engraving applications.

Ergonomically redesigned hand-piece, "Burst Oscillation" mode to prevent blade slippage at the start of the cut. Can be used for occasional cuts.

Price: $450.00


ZO-40B Ultrasonic Cutter

NEW!!. The ZO-40B is the newest in Honda's line of Ultrasonic Cutters.

Ergonomically redesigned hand-piece, vertical standing unit, straight cord to handpiece for reduced operator fatigue, large selection of optional blades, available in black.

Price: $425.00

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