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"MechaTrans" Piezoelectric Actuator

Mechanical Transformers

"MechaTrans" is a series of magnified and preloaded piezoelectric multilayer actuator to provide the control of motion. These actuators are embedded in a metal-shelf that provides a magnification of the displacement of the core piezoelectric stacks. Similarly, the external shell provides a preloading mechanism to the piezoelectric actuator as well as a mechanical interface to fix the actuator.

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What is a Mechanical Transformer?

Piezoelectric device generates a required displacement with low voltage. The electrical energy can be converted to mechanical energy at 60% of the conversion efficiency rate. For example, a piezoelectric device of 10mm x 10mm cross section size produces 3,500N(357kgf).

However, as the displacement to be generated ranges from a few um up to 40um, the application fields are limited due to the very small displacement. In order to overcome the disadvantage, Mechano Transformer Corporation has developed the displacement enlargement mechanism by using a unique lever principle. The enlarged displacement achieves one hundred times of the piezoelectric device itself. The displacement enlargement mechanism is a kind of a passive structure and no additional energy is required.

As the mechanism is similar principle to a transformer which is used in electric circuits, it was called mechanical transformer but has been abbreviated to MechaTrans® later on and registered as a trademark in Japan. MechaTrans® was originally named only for the displacement enlargement mechanism but currently it is used as the actuator with a piezoelectric device.


The Mechano Transformers have the following advantages:

  • Capable of precision positioning and a high level of repeatability
  • Compact size.
  • Highly durable
  • Potential reduction in components needed in a design
  • Capable of movement in less than 1 ms
  • Can be mounted with less than 2mm pitch
  • Low power consumption due to effecient conversion of energy

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