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MTPA1000XY Piezo Assist Precision Stage

Piezo Mechanisms


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The MTPA1000XY is a manual precision stage that allow you to do positioning easily at nanometer level. It has a 13 millimeter translation range, which adjustment is done with micrometer. The stage is incorporated with the Piezo Assist, which allows a 60?micrometer translation range with resolution at more than 20 nanometer level. The translation stage is compact in size and flexible to be attached to your equipment or production line. (*1 nanometer = 1x10-9 meter)




Model MTPA1000XY
Table Size 70mm x 70mm
Guide Mechanism Gothic-Arch
Material Stainless Steel
Course Adjustment with Micrometer 13mm
Fine Adjustment with Piezo Assist 60um
Course Adjustment Method Micrometer
Fine Adjustment Method Piezo Actuator
Adjustment Resolution 20nm
Straightness <1um/13mm
Minimum Readout of Micrometer 10um/division
Moment Load Stiffness 0.1 arcsec/N*cm
Load Capacity - Horizontal 117.6N(12kgf)
Enviroment Temperature: 0-85C Humidity: Below 40%


  • 2 Axis (X and Y axis) attached orthogonally but can be tailor as needed.
  • Easy adjustment at resolution of 20 nanometer for 2 axis.
  • Translation range with Piezo Assist is 60 micrometer at 2 axis.
  • Translation range with micrometer is 13 millimeter at 2 axis.
  • Simple setup and compact in size.
  • Low cost.

Principles of Operation

Configuration of equipment

In each of the X-axis and the Y-axis, MTPA1000XY has the micrometer as coarse adjustment mechanism, and the Piezo Assist as the fine adjustment mechanism. (See Figure below). The Piezo Assist, a fine adjustment mechanism equipment, is for precise positioning or precise force control. The precise positioning and precise force control can be obtained by elongation and shrinkage of the piezoelectric actuator. At coarse adjustment mechanism, the adjustable linear motion range is 13mm, with a resolution of 10 micrometer. At fine adjustment mechanism, the adjustable linear motion range is 60 micrometer, with a resolution of 20 nanometer. Precise positioning that needs resolution of nanometer is possible by using two adjustment mechanisms of the MTPA1000XY.


Precise positioning with course adjustment mechanism

Precise positioning with coarse adjustment mechanism can be realized by turning the micrometer knob.

Precise positioning at fine adjustment mechanism.

Precise positioning at fine adjustment mechanism adjust by elongation and shrinkage of the piezo actuator. While the voltage is applied to the piezo actuator, in proportion to the voltage, the piezo actuator elongates or shrinks. Precise positioning at nanometer level is realize by controlling the voltage applied to the piezo actuator.


Directions for use of MTPA1000XY

The directions for use of MTPA1000XY are the following 4 steps.

  • Step 1: Attach a object that do precise positioning on the stage.
  • Step 2? Connect input connector in the Piezo Assist side, and output connector in the Control Box side by the cable for voltage supply.(See figure below)
  • Pzconn_lg

  • Step 3? Connect the AC adaptor to the Control Box, and Turn on the Power switch. (Refer to Fig.5)
  • Step 4? Turn the micrometer as coarse adjustment while confirming the object. Turn the konb of the Control Box as fine adjustment while confirming the object.


Applications of the MTPA1000XY

MTPA1000XY is very useful at work which needs manual nanometer level positioning under a microscope. For example, Optical alignment, Cell manipulation, Precise positioning for focusing lens of the CCD camera.


Configuration of MTPA1000XY

MTPA1000XY is consisting of the Piezo Assist Precision Stage, Control box, Cable and AC Adapter.


  • 1. Piezo Assist Precision Stage ×1
  • 2. Control box ×1
  • 3. Cable ×2
  • 4. AC Adapter for control box ×1

      Operating precautions for MTPA1000XY

    • 1. This device produces high voltage and should be used by qualified personnel.
    • 2. Do not break up the Piezo Assist Precision Stage or the control box.
    • 3. Do not drop or applied any external force towards the Piezo Assist Precision Stage or the control box.
  • Customization of the MTPA1000XY

    The MTPA can be customized to meet your requirements. Contact us for details.

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