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What's GiD
GiD Plus

GiD 12 Prices

Prices in $ [USD]

(all organizations with primary activities other than educational)


(schools, universities and other educational organizations)

Direct Internet Download

(includes electronic version of user's manual)

Physical USB not included

Local* 2,100 USD Local* 720 USD
USB* 2,565 USD USB* 905 USD
Floating* 2,965 USD Floating* 1,045 USD
Airmail order

(Includes user manual booklet and a USB memory stick )

Local* 2,205 USD Local* 840 USD
USB* 2,676 USD USB* 1,025 USD
Floating* 3,086 USD Floating* 1,165 USD

(from version 11 to 12)

60% discount

Over license's price. Manuals, CD or memory stick NOT included


(User + Reference)

125 USD
  • "Local" refers to a nodelocked license for a single PC, "USB" refers to a portable license as the license is tied directly to a USB license key, "Floating" is a floating license which can be accessed by any client PC on the network.
  • Current version on sale: Version 12
  • Prices are per unit licence.
  • GiD licences have an unlimited duration for one specific computer. Changes of licence to a different computer are excepcionally allowed only within the first year after purchasing the licence.
  • Special discounts can be obtained when ordering multiple licences.
    • 2-5 seats: 10%
    • 6-10 seats: 15%
    • 11-15 seats: 20%
    • 16 seats and more 25%
  • Prices are the same for all platforms (Windows, Linux, SGI and UNIX Workstations). Please read the GiD END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT
  • For the direct Internet download option you need a compatible USB key to install a GiD password. Please, check the table below for compatibility.

USB Memory sticks supported by GiD

Apacer Handy Steno ? ?
Commodore - 128 Mb Mem. stick
Creative Muvo v200 1Gb Mem. Stick
Creative Zen Nano Plus 512MB Mem stick & MP3 & FM
Freecom? DataBar ? Mem stick
Fujitsu Siemens Memory Bird 128Mb Mem stick
JetFlash Transcend USB 2.0 128Mb Mem. stick
Kingston DataTraveler ELITE 1Gb Mem. stick
DataTraveler 256Mb
Lexar JumpDrive JDA256 256MB Mem. stick
LG Usb drive 1Gb Mem. stick
Paradigit (Apacer?) Usb 2.0 ? Mem stick
Pen Drive Mini 2.0 128Mb Mem. stick
PNY Attaché 256Mb Mem. stick
Sony Micro Vault 512MB Mem stick

Unsupported memory sticks

Acer Advanced mp3 player ? Mem.Stick & MP3
ConStar ST-2215B2 40GB Hard disk
EMTEC Giga Cube 5Gb Hard disk
JetFlash ? 128Mb Mem. Stick
Mpman MP-FUB31 512Mb Mem. Stick & MP3
SanDisk Cruzer   Mem Stick
Sony USM 128B 128Mb Mem. Stick & PROreader
Supratech JAZZ CLASSIC 1Gb Mem.Stick & MP3
? TS512MJF2A 512Mb Mem. Stick

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