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What's GiD
GiD Plus


GiD version 12.0 is available

Some of the new features and corrected bugs included in this version are:

  • Selection lines by software ( emulate front buffer): corrected a problem when the GiD window is very large with a modest graphic card or using when GiD in 'safe mode', or gidx.
  • MS Windows 64: corrected the problem with the progress bar and results cache when reading files with size > 2GB.
  • Display vectors: corrected drawing error when drawing as vectors a component of a resullt vector with fixed size vectors.
  • Isosurfaces: corrected isosurface style problems, when it's bad defined --> set at least body visualization of isosurfaces.
  • Several Meshes: corrected problem with several meshes with different number of layers at each time step, when animation a deformation and a contour fill.

Check the What is new... entry inside the Help menu of GiD.

Click here to download the latest GiD developer version appropiate for your system.

GiD Convention 2014


The objective of the seventh edition of the GiD Convention is to bring together users and developers of GiD pre/post processing system in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the generation of data for computer simulation and the graphic visualization of numerical results. Furthermore, the 12th version GiD will be released during the GiD Convention, and the new features of the new version will be presented.

One day will be devoted to courses on GiD and some calculation modules linked to it, and another day to a workshop where advanced topics related with pre and post processing will be discussed.

As a reminder, 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics will be held at Barcelona days after the GiD Convention (20-25 July 2014). It is a great opportunity to learn about GiD and come to WCCM More information at: www.wccm-eccm-ecfd2014.org/

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